Blood or other liquid that is emitted directly after being sarded with a sager.
He took to wearing kilts and drinking copious amounts of foy.
by Naijeta March 27, 2005
Top Definition
The smell between a man's ass hole and balls. Some cases are worse then others. Said to be the one of the most horrific smells known to man.
person 1: "Man, i have an awful case of Foy at the moment. My girlfriend says its worse than ever!"

person 2: "Yeah man, I know that feel. I smelt a whole lot of Foy from "down there' last night in bed."

person 1: "It really is the worst smell."
by mengararch May 30, 2013
Foy is actually a term for the smell that accumulates between a mans balls and his arsehole, as in Gringo's arse and foy smell. It is an unusual musty smell that is surprisingly hard to rid despite a decent personal hygiene regime. Often associated with physical activity and sport.
Jesus man! Ive got a terrible case of Foy!
by Valetudo March 25, 2004
Inbred, parents are probably siblings, and family molests each other
He's so foy, he got his sister pregnant
by Crown Princess Bitch April 25, 2015
Acronym: Fuck off, you Spur(s)!

Used mainly by Arsenal and West Ham fans in the Premier League. While they both have acronyms to support their team (COYG and COYH, which both mean "Come on you Gunners/Hammers!"), this is used against Tottenham Hotspur, both teams' main rivals.
Gooner: YEAH! Gunners beat Spurs 1-0!
Spur Supporter: We're still going to beat you in the league.
Gooner: Oh, FOYS!
Hammer: Yeah, seriously. FOYS.
by Rytex September 01, 2013
short for Fuck Off You Slut
shank dogg went into a brothel and told the hooker to foys
by narns January 20, 2008
(verb) to play jazz music, and generally chill out with cool cats in a dilapidated house. Only the coolest of the cool can TRULY foy.
"Who foys for us? Let's rock this joint!"
by curmudgeonlypebble October 22, 2009
Fresh of the yacht. A rich FOB (fresh of the boat) immigrant.
His rich dad sent him to the States to study English. He's such a FOY.
by ccbud June 29, 2013

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