The heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage that Fox News viewers regularly inhale.
Jon Stewart again smacked Fox News for its fury over Common’s White House appearance, pointing out last night that only huffers of “Foxygen”—“the heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage”—would be bothered by the rapper’s performance.
by WisconsinWordsmith May 13, 2011
Top Definition
Propaganda spouted by right-wing types (e.g. Sarah Palin) and their corresponding networks (e.g. Fox).
Donald Trump: Obama has yet to prove he is a citizen.
Jon Stewart: Quit spreading your Foxygen around. Some suckers are stupid enough to breathe it.
by Michael Grant May 13, 2011
A gaseous drug, a “heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage”, which causes people to perceive reality as a far-right-wing caricature that would be scoffed at by Republicans of the Eisenhower era. (Term coined on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 2011-05-12.)
“After thirty years of stagnant middle-class wages, anyone who thinks trickle-down economics works is clearly huffing Foxygen.”
by catslaugh May 12, 2011
A heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage. Inhaled, abuse can lead to wildly incorrect interpretations of statements and events.

Coined by Jon Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show on May 12th, 2011.
Sean Hannity is a total Foxygen junkie.
by Stewbeef64 May 13, 2011
A media term for a made up controversy, or trying to find controversy when there is none. Usually conducted by conservatives in the media, "journalists" attempt to make a big fat hairy deal out of a quaint little mole hill.
Steve: "I heard that Common was going to perform at the White House for their poetry event."
Irwin: "WHAT? He advocates murder and disobedience. Rap has no place in American culture."
Steve: "You've been breathing the foxygen again huh?"
Irwin: "Bill O'Reilly speaks the truth."
Steve: "Like when he said Obama was a Kenyan and Osama is still alive?"
by Aximill May 13, 2011
The drug huffed by Fox News talking heads. Per Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, "the heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage."
Person 1: Did you hear that those guys on Fox News are calling Obama a cop killer because he had Common speak at the White House?
Person 2: Eh, I never listen to anything those idiots say. They're all high on Foxygen.
by shadow101101 May 13, 2011
A band that is "literally psychedelic" with songs "Make it Known" & "San Francisco." Listening becomes highly addictive. France and Rado said in an interview that their name came from some chick who reserved the term "Foxygen" for cute guys. Their music is like going back in the time and into the future. You'll hear influences from The Doors & The Rolling Stones to name a few. Their live performances are like theater and will envelop you into a realm of unadulterated quirky maneuvers.
Foxygen is Mavis Staples telling you "l'll Take You There" and Jean Knight giving you the "Mr. Big Stuff" treatment while Mick & Jim are yelling in your ear.
by RunninDownADream October 25, 2013
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