The heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage.
Fox News Watcher: Obama is an islamo-fascist Manchurian candidate who is a proven threat to the lives of every American.

Sane Person: You really need to stop huffing the foxygen.
by Carbon Democricide May 13, 2011
The atmosphere of idiocracy, hypocrisy, and general bullshit created by fox news.
Guy 1: Obama is a communist terrorist who is trying to take away our freedoms and raise taxes!!!!
Guy 2: You must be high on foxygen.
by politicsuck May 14, 2011
heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination and manufactured outrage.
Donald Trump pumps foxygen into any room he enters.
by sharpi71 May 13, 2011
"Heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination and manufactured outrage"

Term coined by "The Daily Show with John Stewart" describing the methods and environment in which Fox News personalities push their agenda under the veil of "News".
Man, Megyn Kelly is really huffing the Foxygen today!
by TodoInTX May 15, 2011
where an amazing band (fox avenue) perform for the first times at irelands largest festival.

a huge deal.
mick: hey, dya hear? fox avenue are playing at Oxygen this year!

Joan: badass man! Foxygen all the way!!
by aineattack March 30, 2010

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