When I person is having rough sex with a red headed person.
I was fox trotting this bitch last night, man it was great.
by Calvinloves8888 December 09, 2008
The sudden occurrence of extreme anal bleeding
Oh no,' shouted davey, 'Iv'e only done it again! Foxtrotted all over my bed.
by Notoshio November 28, 2010
an act where one strips down butt naked and begins to defecate to where the feces comes out like a log, however they do not pinch it off, but instead stand up and leave it hanging, like a tail, then they proceed to shimmy around the room wagging their "tail" around until it happens to break off or the person gets tired.
Mr. Y foxtrotted around the room with a naked picture of one of his students, until his wife walked in and exclaimed "WTF?!"
by kskizzle January 02, 2010
The Best comic strip ever made by Bill Amend. If you don't read it, you're gay, If you've never heard of it, get a life, and you are still gay.
The kids in FoxTrot are always doing wierd things.
by Jon May 18, 2004

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