The best comic strip ever, bar none. Jason and Peter rule
Bill Amend, the author of Foxtrot, lives in Kansas City, where i live, and he autographed a Foxtrot book for me.
by White Sox Rule June 05, 2004
Top Definition
Military phonetic alphabet word for the letter "F". Also, a cool member of blizzhackers (EoN).
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Yankee Omaha Uniform.
by sierraromeo June 05, 2005
Foxtrot is F in phoenetic alphabet.
It also means 'on foot'.
"Bravo, November, Foxtrot..."
"Man, I'm foxtrot here, help me."
by Diego July 29, 2003
Normally military phonetic vernacular. However, in the case where a guy purposely will go on a long distance run when he doesn't/does use long distance running as a form of exercise simply for the purpose of 1) finding a hot girl that has been sighted on a specific running rout or 2) believes that hot girls will be running in a specific place or on common running routs.
Chuck: Bill I don't know how you are going running again after the 6 miles you dominated this morning.

Bill: I know man but I gotta check into this smokin hot chick that I heard runs at the park every afternoon. It won't be a tough run cuz I'm just going on a Fox Trot. I will probably take my dog as well just to increase my chances of getting this girl to stop and talk.
by ManyKains1 March 02, 2010
foxtrot is the best comic strip in the newspaper these days.
foxtrot is hardcore.
by the candace! March 18, 2004
Taking a crap in someones shoe.

Fox-trotting the plural similar to crop dusting only with poop.
Man #1 "Did you see the size of that fox-trot left in that guys shoe?"

Man#2 "Man, he must of really pissed someone off to deserve a duece that big in his shoe...that shit smells!"
by popo the chomo cop June 01, 2009
The dance move in which two male sweaty homeless mexican dance partners spank you strapped to a chair while you cry and touch yourself while being hit with a dead baby and getting eiffle towered by sully and bijeol and then eat some of the skanky pussy after beating beating off senseless by every patron in the bar bar.
Ian fox did the fox trot and admitted Sully Griffin as his superior in every way, shape, or form.
by Hot wit the sauce August 17, 2011
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