Top Definition
1. To finger a girl in her BH and then later brag about it and make all your guy friends smell your finger.

2. A douchbag who thinks he's cool because he fingered a girls BH
Bro 1: Do you smell that?
Bro 2: No?
Bro 1: Haha dude I just foxtailed this chick, wanna smell?
Bro 2: haha no thanks
*Bro 1 puts finger next to Bro 2 nostrils anyways*
by DickCholo November 21, 2013
Past tense for fingering someone's BH
"Bitch, you've officially been Foxtailed".
"How many girls have you foxtailed"?
by Yungfoxtail June 18, 2013
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