Rupert Murdoch's answer to the "liberal media".
Fox News: We report - I change the channel.
by SiliconHero April 24, 2003
Pornography; specifically, pornographic video images.
"Who is your favorite adult movie star?"

"Oh, man! I can't remember her name right off! She was in this hot new Fox News DVD I just rented last week!!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity March 29, 2010
V: The action of omitting, unrightfully editing, skewing information or content, etc. in an attempt to prove an extremely biased point as seen on Fox News programming.
Dude, check your facts. You really FoxNewsed that one.
by ThaBank February 28, 2009
Fox Spews does occasionally report worhwhile information. The problem is that it is targeted at uneducated rednecks and egangelists.
According to Fox News, Bush is our new savior, and book learnin is for sinners.
by Paul August 21, 2003
National Republican Bullshit Network. Watched by ignorant, gun-toting,

flag-waving ultra-nationalistic right-wing Christian fundamentalists who think

George Bush is the new fucking Messiah or something.basically, the scum of

American society who, if they had their way, would turn America in a fucking fascistic

police state in order to feel safe from the "terrorists" (aka: "brown people").
Fox News is only good for laughing at the bullshit those worthless Republicans

like to spew. If you want a real source of news, go the independent route.
by wolf15668 November 03, 2013
verb; fox-newsing, fox-newsed, fox-news

1. to proclaim something heavily biased and without evidence

2. to win an argument by shouting

3. to reject science and the scientific process

4. to demand change of laws and society of a group of people for the sole benefit of rich white Christians
That guy did not have any evidence for his point, he fox-newsed the entire debate.

When loosing an argument just remember to fox-news it, be louder than the other person.

That pastor is fox-newsing the entire homily, science has shown that Earth is over 6000 years old.
by truthbetoldtoyou July 26, 2011
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