A news organization owned by billionares you like to brainwash people. See Bias
I was watching Fox News and they told me to jump off of a bridge and I did.
by i dislike bush June 27, 2004
A channel solely dedicated to political humor by taking everything that is right with the world, twisting it so it's so wrong that it's funny, then claiming that it's news. The only bad thing about this channel is its lack of a laugh track.
Man, I love Fox News. That O'Riley guy is such a hoot!
by Null Windhunter November 13, 2007
Fox News (what else to say)
Joe: Obama is a socialist and fascist!!
Mama: Shut up you idiot, what are you Fox News
by Master General November 17, 2009
This channel is considered to be a total joke by all other repubtable news channels like CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and the network news shows. The reason? The news is supposed to be presented to viewers without spin, so that they can draw their own conclusions about a story. Granted, depending on an individual reporters political views, there will always be some slight bias. But Fox News presents the news with an obvious and overpowering conservative bias. And what's funny is that they call themselves 'fair and balanced.' What a crock of crap! To informed viewers, it's easy to see through the personalities who use choice wording to make conservatives appears strong and just, while making moderates appear weak and liberals appear irrational. This is not news. Fox can even spin stories that aren't politcally based, such as turning reports on Katrina into a politcal stomping ground. This channel is home to some of the biggest assholes on TV including Britt Hume, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Rilley. But the worst of all is Ann Coulter, who I'm pretty sure should be diagnosed with a mental ailment. The problem with this channel is that it's easily able to infiltrate/brainwash many non-politcally active viewers.
Fox News is only fair to conservatives and is in no way balanced. If you disagree with far-right politics, they'll shut you up and put you down. You wanna see the news? Turn on Brian Williams on NBC, at least he acts like a real newsman.
by Eye In The Sky September 07, 2006
Fox News is often to be considered as accurate as the holy bible. As in, it is a large variety of collected stories where factual accuracy is often in question. It is fully believed by only a small, select group of people and is written and biased towards select groups such as conservative christians and away from truth and objectivity.
Bill O'Reilly on Fox News ? Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

by Kyle Locke July 10, 2008
A news casting station based in the United States of America. Basically as balanced as Britney Spears. Also the butt of a few Simpsons jokes.
Homer: I hope this doesn't end up on Fox news!

Britney: *starts rolling around on ground*
by blanketyblankblank June 13, 2008
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