Faux news

The only two major difference between Fox and The Daily Show:

1. The daily show does not claim to be "fair and Balanced" like Fox does.

2. While John Stewart tells the truth with a major Liberal spin on it, people like Bill O'Reily (affectionately known as Mr. Falafel) tell outright lies.

No wonder the station is named after an animal commonly associated with sneakyness.
Fox News: The foul breath of the neocons
by El_Haggis September 09, 2006
A bunch of republican nazis united to brain wash the U.S. with their make believe pollitics. And of course go on about Obama and throw fits because they wanted John Mcain to win the election in 2009.
Hitler is the founder of Fox News
by EpicSauce.net May 25, 2011
horrible news channel that is always in a pissing contest against liberals.
We distort, you comply.
by Shawn E. May 02, 2003
A so-called news channel that has the tendency to use their news alert sounder frequently on stories that don't warrant it, all in the name of fear-mongering and ratings.
(news sounder)"This is a Fox News Alert...at this hour President Bush has passed a turd in the Oval Office...."

(news sounder)"This is a Fox News Alert...Britney Spears has announced today that her marriage to Kevin Federline has ended..."

(news sounder) "This is a Fox News Alert...we just wanted to see if you were paying attention...BOO!!!"
by Your Ad Here November 12, 2006
Why am I not surprised that a person who uses the words "commie fag" is a fox news watcher. Silly silly people.
-I'm informed because I watch Fox news
-That's nice (yawn)
by tintle October 14, 2004
the news channel for rightwing gun toting xenophobic sexist anti love homophobic bible thumping cigar sucking beer swilling blue eyed honkey mother fuckers!

75%of the honkey motherfuckers in nor cal watch fox and dream about getting finger banged in the asshole by sean hannity and getting sucked off by ann coulter
fox news is great to watch when larry the cable guy is fisting your ass-hole!
If you hate Fox as much as i do, check this movie out- Outfoxed. Its a documentary on what goes on behind the scenes. Extremely good.
Its shocking how easy it is to fool the american public.
by Biafra J August 26, 2004
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