1. As impossible as it may seem, it is more retarded than CNN. People actually consider CNN left-wing in comparison to FOX News.

2. A reminder of why the world hates this country.
I was watching Fox News, and i told my TV to shut the fuck up and put on the Simpsons.
by Ugly Obese Man July 06, 2003
The conservative Republican version of Josef Goebbels' Ministry of Propaganda, with more rhetoric.
Fox News. Long Live Big Brother.
by -T. March 08, 2006
Fucking Clown Shoes
"Hey how would you explain Fox News to someone?"

"Don't bother trying, dude. It's fucking clown shoes."
by Bñads October 12, 2011
Supposedly news, but in reality controlled by the Republican party. Sprouts random bullshit, inaccurate news when it actually reports news, and is full of biased, crying idiots. Also known to attack videogames for no apparent reason. However, provides great source of material for real news casters such as Jon Stewart.
When i wanted to know the news, i said "Fuck you" to Fox News and watched the Daily Show instead
by Fuck Fox news March 03, 2010
This channel is considered to be a total joke by all other repubtable news channels like CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and the network news shows. The reason? The news is supposed to be presented to viewers without spin, so that they can draw their own conclusions about a story. Granted, depending on an individual reporters political views, there will always be some slight bias. But Fox News presents the news with an obvious and overpowering conservative bias. And what's funny is that they call themselves 'fair and balanced.' What a crock of crap! To informed viewers, it's easy to see through the personalities who use choice wording to make conservatives appears strong and just, while making moderates appear weak and liberals appear irrational. This is not news. Fox can even spin stories that aren't politcally based, such as turning reports on Katrina into a politcal stomping ground. This channel is home to some of the biggest assholes on TV including Britt Hume, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Rilley. But the worst of all is Ann Coulter, who I'm pretty sure should be diagnosed with a mental ailment. The problem with this channel is that it's easily able to infiltrate/brainwash many non-politcally active viewers.
Fox News is only fair to conservatives and is in no way balanced. If you disagree with far-right politics, they'll shut you up and put you down. You wanna see the news? Turn on Brian Williams on NBC, at least he acts like a real newsman.
by Eye In The Sky September 07, 2006
News made by Republican retards for Republican retards. I'm Republican, and I hate liberal bitches as much as anyone but this is absurd and it's NOT news. News is supposed to be objective NOT fair and balanced. Even if it was supposed to be fair an balanced Fox News couldn't even live up to it's own motto because although other news networks are obviously liberal they conceal their opinions as good reporters should. Fox News is blatantly conservative and rather than keep it on the down low they boast it.
It's ironic that you would call CNN the Communist News Network because Fox News only shows the news that is good for Republicans ie good for the counrty. China does the same thing with all their stations. Fox News is truly for COMMIES. If you were a REAL AMERICAN who believed in FREEDOM of speech you wouldn't subject yourself to such censorship. IF YOU LOVE COMMIES SO MUCH FUCKING MOVE TO CHINA AND TAKE FOX NEWS WITH YOU!
by GladKerryLost November 04, 2004
The news you watch when news isn't what you want.
The "news" station for brainless "real americans" is Fox News or Faux News.
by ashasal April 16, 2009
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