1. Something everyone likes to complain about without a valid reason

2. An non-liberal news station

3. The reason for all evil in this world- apparently
Brian: Fox News Sucks
Chris: Yeah I heard on CNN
by TruthTooth November 09, 2014
A common misspelling of Faux News
Cuntservative: OMG did you see Fox News last night?

Shitberal: idiot u meen faux news lololololololo!!!!111!11
by Zombater October 16, 2014
the michael moore of republicans. big, fat, ugly passive aggressive republicans on television ranting angry right wing propaganda like they have tourettes. mike huckabee gets a hard-on and gets off while watching fox news.
angry stupid meth rednecks gather round to watch fox news then get into a drunken fist fight.
by eazy-x February 01, 2008
The #1 cable news network. Some people call it "Faux News" because they think it's all fake and bias. Fox News is known for the hottest ladies on the news! (Ex: Megyn Kelly, Jenna Lee, Jaime Colby, ect.)
Bill: Hey George, lets watch some Megyn Kelly!
George: What channel is she on again?
Bill: Fox News dude
by Bubba1996 November 05, 2011
The only news station that doesn't kiss Obama's ass
Fox News: Obam said this...he didn't do it.

Other news stations: Why is my nose so brown...in other news Obama takes a well deserved vacation...
by T33P33 August 19, 2011
The highest rated cable news channel on Televsion, and one of the highest rated overall cable channels. Created as a "fair and balanced" alternative to the media establishment, widely considered to be liberally biased. However due to the abundance of Conservative Opinion shows it has generated controversy as bias itself.
Fox News is a channel
by Dandandandan August 07, 2008
A television channel. One watched by those who want facts. Half the people who want to talk crap about it don't know their a$$ from their mouth. People who watch this show actually know what is going on in the world. They haven't gotten the version that has been edited for their precious ears. Not all people that are on Fox News are Republican. But you wouldn't know that would you? How far exactly is your head wedged up ur a$$?
Want the facts? Watch Fox News.

Think you know everything? Watch Fox News.

Be open minded and get out of your fricken bubble and watch Fox News.
by TruthTellerForThePeople September 20, 2011

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