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When you are engaging in anal sex and your partner proceeds to fart just before you enter.
Guy 1: How'd it go with you date last night then?
Guy 2: Terrible.
Guy 1: Oh, why?
Guy 2: I got Fowlered
by LittleRichard280 March 29, 2011
To make a horrible mistage, particularly in sports, resulting in a loss and subsequently resulting in jeers, boos, and humiliation.
At the football game, the wider reciever fowlered and dropped the ball on the one yard line.
by daddyhateme11 January 13, 2009
when your bitch hoe breaks it off four months before the wedding, and you dont get your ring back
"why is steve so wasted"
"didn't you hear he got FOWLERED last saturday"
by Adam February 22, 2005
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