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Rotten Letters from lazy writers.
your A is looking kind of fowl.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
Rapper from Detroit (real Name Saffal Tall) who won the Redbull Emsee Battle in 2010. Recently issued a mixtape called Live From The D
Fowl has a sick flow, never lost a battle
by ucbee January 07, 2011
Graffiti slang for a letter that don't look right. a letter "M" looks like a "J" or something like that.
Hey buddy, your "M" is fowl and could use some reconfiguration.
by DaveJohnson February 27, 2004
A special way to say the word "fool"
Used with close peers.
Hey man, your a fowl!, Shutup Fowl
by Lozg January 29, 2006