The only alcoholic beverage you cant go around saying "In an Irish accent I'll believe ya when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet" before you start drinking...because after you #2, you will be forced to believe them
Them: Dude, you are totally going to black out if you drink all 3 of those Four Loko drinks..."
Me: In an Irish accent I'll believe ya when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.
Me(4 hours later in the bathroom): ...shit....its purple...
Me(10 minutes later on the bathroom floor): ZzzzzZZzz
by DucatiHottie November 22, 2010
The official drink of blacked out obnoxious bitches
Stupid Bitch #1: I feel like falling down the stairs and ruining the party tonight

Stupid Bitch #2: We should get some Four Loko's. That way we can talk shit about how much we can drink and then pass out after we drink half of one
by PaBRO EscBRObar September 21, 2010
its this 12% alcohol cheap ass malt liquor koolaid flavored shit thats basically an energy drink that fucks you up bad... with all the caffeine and guarana... you are wired and drunk at the same time
Dude I had that four loko.... and i seriously browned out last night... well... thats the risk i take from drinking a four loko.
by TempD November 05, 2010
an alcoholic beverage with loads of caffeine. can kill a bitch! guaranteed to get someone drunk off their ass. helllllll yeeeeah
I drank a fourloko last night and i was hammered
by boooootylicious February 26, 2011
12% alch. now getting banned because people can't handle themselves. less then 5$ a can, an easy way to party hard and feel like complete shit the next day. mix of energy drink & alcohol. turns good girls into whores, and boys wanting more. 'crack in a can' get's you a whole different kind of F**KED UP!!
yo you trying get completely wasted tonight, let's get some four lokos and some hookers.

i'm loko 4 loko !
by the mother fuckin princess November 29, 2010
The Devil in a can.
Man, i had a Four Loko last night and this morning I felt like an elephant sat on me.
by P3AC3FR3AK April 24, 2011
Incredible drink that combines alcohol and caffeine, delivering a long lasting and wild drunk time that'll surely get you gully. Federal agencies are working to ban the product but facing resistance. People all over the world are posting their loko tales at to keep the drink alive.
I was drinking four loko and puked on a cop, so I posted my story at !
by The Loko Legend November 17, 2010
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