Blackout in a can. Drink two or three and be in for a blurry night and hell in the morning. Totally worth it!
She drank 3 Four Lokos and danced naked on a table for an hour before passing out in the walk in closet.
by Miche7 October 17, 2010
Malt liquor that contains 11% alcohol and caffine, along with a mix of other shit. One 24oz. will most likely get you fuckin' shit-canned. One is all you need. It can get you just as fucked up, if not more, as a few shots of tequila.
Can come in various flavors like Fruit Punch and Orange. May taste like acetone. I know mine did.
I thought I was dying after one can of Four Loko.
by Wasabimoto August 27, 2009
Black out in a can.
Joe: Dude, what the hell happened to you last night?
George: I drank a Four Loko and..
Joe: 'Nuff said.
by MorningAfter August 18, 2010
a fine malt beverage capturing the essence of thug life. specifically brewed for the consumption of true G's. one of these drinks can cause one to concoct words not known in the English dictionary. warning not meant for the consumption of pregnant bezzies due to the risk of birth defects, such as giving birth to sasquatch like creatures.
damn bud.....................u had 2 four loko's!?.......................u ma hero bud
by omie the homie April 11, 2010
A 23.5oz beverage that is 12.0% ABV. Falls into the "alcopop" category of alcoholic beverages for combining energy drink flavor with enough shit to get you pretty fucked up.

One FOUR Loko will get you pretty fucked up.

Drinking three in one night will kill anyone under 200lbs.
You got some FOUR Loko? Shiiyit, nigga we gonna get FUCKED UP! Wait, what the fuck, is that your 2nd one? Holy shit, dude.
by whythefuckdidIdrink2 February 27, 2010
the most amazing malt liquor with a high alcoholic percentage. just one gets you fucked up no matter your size. want to get extra fucked up? drink two. but you might throw up. you'll already do stupid shit and be drunk as fawk on just one. punch flavour is alright, I like watermelon better. some people can't stand watermelon. there's other flavours too.
"hey, angela, you wanna let's hit up the spur stop again this friday night and get some four lokos?!"

"hell yeah! I love four loko so fucking much! I'm gonna get two!!"

"angela just one will fuck you up. please do not throw up in my car again."

"oh i know. i'm drinking one tonight and hiding the other in my room so i can drink when i'm bored...."
by gitCRUNK October 16, 2009
the fifth and a half dimension of hell in which you are incredibly fucked up due to the 12 % booze intake and then are unable to sleep due to the fucknormous amount of caffine you have just consumed. When you "wake" up in the morning you will be getting double penetrated by the two guys you took home with you because you were so fucked up or be puking your guts out or borderline seizuring because you are shaking so hard. let me correct myself for a moment, its a quadruple penetration in a can. but it does fuck you up. have fun with the gangbang. love four loko.
Four loko? are you fucking kidding me? i saw my neighborhood bum drinking that yesterday!
by koshersexjew September 16, 2010
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