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A stupid insult to people who wear glasses, which makes no sense at all.
Townie: Hey four eyes, Im gonna cut u up !
Guy with glasses: And why would that be?
Townie: Coz u got four eyes, idiot!
Guy with glasses: Count again retard and you'll find i have two
by Kabraz August 03, 2004
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derrogetory for :one who wears glasses
hey four eyes whats that? ( slap )
ha haaaa-
by herbie February 01, 2004
(Facetious and Derogatory) Describing a person who looks stupid while wearing glasses
''hey four eyes should have been to specsavers!''
by sweet jesus October 05, 2006
A person who wears glasses. Often a derogotory term used for people with large glasses.
The four-eyes was beat up by the campus bullies.
by fellowshipfan16 March 09, 2008
When a woman is sexually aroused and her nipples can be seen through clothing when:
1. it's cold
2. there is a really hot guy
1. Megan: Hey are you cold?
Sam: Why?
Megan: You got four-eyes.
2. Megan: That guy is totally hot!
Sam: Yah, I can tell you got four-eyes!
by E.G.S. May 29, 2007
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