fountain of youth.... when a cougar (older woman thats down to fuck) sucks the juicy delights out of the male sexual stem of a younger male after sex.
hey look chaz and plummer are "fountain of youth" brothers.
by god's avatar August 30, 2011
When a guy ejaculates into a women's vagina, then squirts the cum back into the guys mouth.
Dustin was drinking out of Tessa's "Fountain of Youth"
by DanDyDreW May 11, 2011
euphemism; sexual slang for fellatio performed with the promise that the final result will provide the key to eternal youth
How about you take a sip off of the fountain of youth
by Algernon June 04, 2007
A sexual act where one partner urinates into another elderly partner's mouth who has a gaged labret piercing. As the first partner is urinating, it simultaneously flows from the labret piercing.
Kayley felt ten years younger after Rich performed the Fountain of Youth.
by Rich and Jackie September 24, 2007
when a sexy bitch is getting fucked in the cooch and the ass at the same goddam time and both guys, ejaculate simeltaniously, forming an internal gizzy fountain
I was fucking Debbie last night and Greg joined in so we decided to give her the fountain of youth.
by mike ellisio October 31, 2007
when a group of men sit in a small, tightly packed circle and one at a time go into the center and ejaculate into the air, trying to hit others. women may sit in but may not participate.
we were all so stick after we tried a fountain of youth at Greg's party. there were a few girls there but definitely not worth it
by Demented Macintosh December 07, 2009
The fountain of youth can only be defined as filling a tub with your (and possibly your friend/ family's) semen, only to bathe in it
Guy 1: Dude I just swam in the fountain of youth and look at my skin!
Guy 2: I wanna try that. Think you can help me fill it up?
by The brotherhood of cum May 02, 2016
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