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Lady that is terrible at texting while walking in the mall then falling into the mall water fountain while still texting. After falling in, she must sue the mall where she fell into the water fountain for not having anybody come to her aid. You also must have an IQ of less than 70.
"Scenario: Two people texting each other."

Boy at home: Hey, girl! What's up??

Girl at the mall: nutting much, just txting u while walking in the mall

Boy: Oh, how awesome! Doing anything later?

Girl: naa, im probably ju.... Blrblblbrrr *Falls into water fountain*

Girl says to herself, "Where did this giant fountain come from and why is nobody coming to my aid for falling into this fountain while i was texting?!?! It's time to go sue the mall for making fun of my retardedness and for not helping me out!"

The girl is now known as the "Fountain Lady." Just do what she did and you could be a fountain lady or fountain boy, too!
by TooomPhaaaa January 20, 2011
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