Ghetto way to say the word "found". Similar to "kilt" (killed) and smelt (smelled), and quite a few other words that are often said by hoodies in the Corkseyvania area.
Here's your keys you been looking for. Pookie said he fount them under his bed.
by THEbx41 October 30, 2012
Top Definition
To knowingly take/not return something thats not yours, and showing it off to your friends.
Bryan- " Jay, where did you get that? "

Jay- " I fount it at dudes house."
by billy-bong torten March 29, 2011
A universal singularity, the source or origin which radiates depthless knowledge and information to the willful minions of a multi-million dollar corporation.

A spring or source of water; the source or head of a stream.
What time is concrete scheduled for Bank of the West - Treat?
When should we pickup the delineators for Fed Ex?
Who called from C & J Contracting?
What is heck is McNear / Kosloff?

I don't know...ask the fount.
by Arbuckle Trucking January 08, 2008
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