A dirty prank where someone poops in the water tank of a commode, leaving a rank smell and bits of poop showing up in the water everytime you flush.
WTF?! I just took a shit, and the toilet is shitting on my shit. Some little shit musta given me a foul ball!
by D. Arse August 23, 2006
Top Definition
When a man or woman is sitting on the toilet taking a number 2, when the time comes to wipe, they happen to get a little bit of feces on the wiping hand.
I just foul balled at work. I took off my coat too.. I had to wash my hands and go back to get my coat. I hope the guy in the stall next to me didn't notice.
by Cap'n brownbeard October 08, 2009
When you are pooping and the length of your turd would cause you to normally have to raise up off of it, but it breaks and falls forward hitting your testicles.
Paul had to wipe his sack after the foul ball.
by biskitz September 09, 2008
After playing a baseball game or any time your balls get UNBEARABLY stinky from the excerise. After the intensive physical activity you decide that you need a BJ or your nuts sucked on. When the girl goes down to suck your nuts she will cough or throw up from the smell and while she is coughing you proceed to yell FOUL BALLS!!!!!
girl: "O I want to suck your balls."
guy: " I am very okay with you sucking on my testicles right now."
girl: "I'm sucking your nuts and cough cough they are smelly"
guy: "FOUL BALLS!!!!!!!"
by Brian C and Izak P June 07, 2007
When a man ejaculates in another person's rectum before licking/sucking the ejaculate from the rectum, and kissing the person who contained the ejaculate, passing them the fluids.
He foulballed me last night. I thought it might taste like shit, but it was fine!
by UrbaneFictionary November 28, 2010
When a man inserts one of his testicles into a girls butthole while having intercourse.
I totally have my girlfriend a foul ball last night, and she loved it!
by Kneebuster1 February 01, 2015
A term used for professional basketball as played by those in the NBA. Essentially meaning the opposite of streetball. Used in reference to the fact that basketball cannot be played for more than 30 consecutive seconds without the game being stopped for a pussy foul.
Foulball is far inferior to baseball.
by Bender March 16, 2005
A shemale or transsexual, discovered when getting to sexual second or third base, and more rarely, when attempting a straight home run.

Origin: Plays off of a baseball hit into foul territory, and the sexual "bases"
Person 1: "Did you get to third base last night?"
Person 2: "Nah mang, she turned out to be a foul ball!"
Person 1: "That's pretty foul!"
by Shiggity Shiggity Shiggity June 02, 2011
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