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1. word used for fucking ouch
2. also can be used as an insult
"stubbed toe" "FOUCH"

As an insult you would say "fouch you"
by bikebuilder July 16, 2006
The retarded friend of Streeter (definition 2).
Streeter: Theres a guy by that thing.

Fouch: Got him.

Streeter: Really?

Fouch: Yep, Pooped on him.
by RAWRAWRAWRAWR August 03, 2010
1. A portmanteau of the words "fucking" and "ouch," indicating extreme pain. See also fugly.

2. A marsupial-like pouch, such as that of a kangaroo, on a frog.
Conjoined quadruplets? FOUCH!
by bgedwards October 16, 2007
The homosexual act, where one releases ones seminal fluids into anothers anus, which is followed by inserting a straw into the recivers asshole to withdraw their own seman via oral action
Nic fouched his cum right back out of me
Mic fouched his funboy after fucking
by Michael Kain May 17, 2006
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