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German for mangina.
lit. "pussy-servant"
(1)"Why he doesn't just get rid of her? He's such fotzenknecht."
(2)"He does everything she want's him to. Doesn't he know that wont lead him anywhere? Stupid fotzenknecht."
by german definition-nazi May 17, 2011
Definition: A so-called „Fotzenknecht“ is a German derived word or better say insult to describe a fellah, who is inevitably dictated by his junk's desire to corpulate or in other terms “to fuck” a woman, so that he forgets important values and attributes of a proper man like his honor, pride, self-esteem or personality.
"Ey man, look at that guy over there. How he's acting all pussy over that girl" - "What a Fotzenknecht"
by SJ_679 December 20, 2015
Someone addicted to the female sex
The girl makes you to a fotzenknecht
by cranck February 15, 2005
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