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Sound of name Fotis: Fò-tis

Fotis is a common male Greek name, which derives from the name Fotios. Both Fotis and Fotios come from the Greek word “fos” which means light, thus, Fotis and Fotios are the enlightened ones.

Origin of name Fotis – Theofania and Agios Fotios (St Fotios)
Fotis has two name days because it is associated with two different Orthodox themes; on January 6th Greeks celebrate the “Theofania”, Jesus’ baptism in river Jordan by John the Baptist. It is one of the most important holidays for the Greek Orthodox Church, the last of the three important holidays of the 12 days of Christmas holidays and it’s also known as Epifania or Fota – which explains why men named Fotis or Fotios celebrate their name day on that day.

However, in the Greek Orthodox Calendar, the name Fotis and Fotios is associated with one of the most significant personalities of the Orthodox Church, the Patriarch Fotios, also known as Agios Fotios (St Fotios). Fotios was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 857 to 867 AD and is considered among the most important religious persons for the Greek Church. He was a very active but also controversial personality for the Greek Church and he was sent to exile several times by different Byzantine Emperors. In 886 Fotios was sent to exile for the last time and it is estimated that he died on the 6th of February 893. The Greek Orthodox Church has declared him a saint and celebrates his memory on February the 6th.
As mentioned, Fotis is a name that comes from the name Fotios, which also features a few more nicknames and diminutives. These are: Fotakis, Fotakos, Foteinos

Fotis is a man who sets his goals and tries not to stray from them. He always wants to make his life better and he is always willing to try hard for his goals.
by ub_dictionary September 28, 2010
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1) a guy who has an amazing smile. can be extremely goofy and can be trusted with ANYTHING you throw at him.

2) he's super super sweet and its bestfriend material

3) he would NEVER leave your side and will always be there to catch you fall♥

girl: "omg girl did you see that guy?"
other girl: "ah yes he is so fotis"
by girlie_gurl love July 01, 2010
Some one whos listens to their iPod with one ear phone in, excessively texts and loves girls.
Dude, can you stop texting your girl, your being a real foti.
by Louis Costelli August 22, 2010
The genital part of a male located between the left and right thigh above the ballsack, also known as a penis.
Example 1

Becky: "OMG Amber did you have sex with Jim last night?"
Amber: "Yeah it was so embarassing, he whipped out his foti and it just wouldn't get hard!"

Example 2

John: "So Jim brah did you fuck Amber last night?"
Jim: "Hell yea brah, Amber was riding the shit out of my foti"

John: "Swagg."
by swaggman420 April 17, 2013
(pron. foe-tee) adj.

preforms markedly well, or wins a game in the final seconds.
i can't believe he made that foti shot at the buzzer to win the game.

he really foti'd it by hitting that eagle on the ninth hole.
by julesandvincent February 05, 2008

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