unwanted child by parents
you had 10 foster parents because no one wanted you
by 1111111111111111 May 27, 2010
fucking neeeeeeeectar lager, despite wot all these tools say...
im a tool; i dont like fosters...
by jimbo deeny August 01, 2004
australians suck, whos with me?
aussie: these bladdy-ring-tiddlin americans think that we all drink fosters...

american: stop destroyin our stereotypes, we own the
by kronky November 09, 2007
This kid is known for his dick sucking abilities. He goes to Endicott College and looks to get railed in the butt everyweekend. his good quality includes smoking weed, drinking beer and playing faggy vollyball
Wow this Foster kid is a GIANT fag
by kitchy14 April 03, 2008
Australian for beer.
by Anonymous June 12, 2003

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