Fosters is slang for 'Good Call' referring to the guys in the fosters advert
Guy 1: Hey, I;m going pub, wanna come?

Guy 2: Foster

Guy 1: Right, I'm going for a cig, you coming?

Guy 2: Fosters on that!!
by R1bby July 28, 2011
The best beer you can ever get! Orignally known as an australian beer but is now drank world wide
It was a hard day at work so I went to the pub for two pints of Foster's, and had another can when I got home
by pcman1985 December 27, 2009
to step on, usu. in a fight
That guy just fostered the other guy in the nuts.
by Excello April 13, 2008
A condition in which a person has trouble either catching, or maintaining possession of an item. Usually refers to a pigskin, football or the "rock" but can be applied to dropping Momma's fine china on Thanksgiving Day or dropping a condom behind the headboard during application prior to coitus.

Stems from the word "Fumble" in football, in which a player loses possession of the football. Almost always occurs during moments of acute stress specifically when the desired end-state of a situation is within the grasp of an individual but then victory slips through the fingers of the fostering individual resulting in disaster.

Other forms:Foster, Fostered, fostering
Fostering is not limited to sports:

1) Dude why did you just foster the Christmas turkey on the floor? Now we gotta eat spam covered with brown sugar instead.

2)All he had to do was juke the Florida Safety and he would have had 6!!! But he lost his emotions and effing tossed the ball into the stands, fostering the game away.
Game over, Florida Tatters our windsock again...

3) Fuck, I just fostered my Myoplex shake all over my denim shorts!!!
by Cy Simon August 08, 2008
one who or the act of being a jew with money
stop being such a foster and tip the man
by luvstain167 December 28, 2009
Fake. Not real, organic or biological. A stand in for the real version.
A Foster mother, father, brother, etc.
by VitaminA October 26, 2008
a word for someone who has more then one STD.
I know i have a foster on my cock after hooking up with that slam pig the other night.
by Barry Gorman October 11, 2006
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