A short, constantly drunk 20somethingyearold who lives in Austin, TX. When he is not playing in one of his 9080948 local hardcore bands, you will likely run across him terrorizing hipster/fratboy keg parties with his friends, at which time he will be chanting, slurring, or yelling in a distinct southern drawl which only emerges in the ominous presence of alcohol. Be warned, the only intelligible words out of his mouth will be "FUCK", "YO", "DUDE(S)", "RAGE", or "FAGGOT". Foster goes to community college, is an adamant Bush supporter, still lives with his parents, and consumes superhuman quantities of various pills and PBR. he has also been reffered to by the community at large as a "Misunderstood Local Hero" due to his well-meaning but drunken antics.
Foster: "fuuuuckkkk youuuuu faggggotttt!!!!"
"yoooo dude lets fuckin raaaaage!!!!"
"4 more years!!!! troop surge motherfucker!!!"
by SwimFan98 March 27, 2007
To sign off randomly on people after they IM you.
To be bad at IM
Dude this girl fostered me on IM today it so wasnt chilll man i didnt even mean to say hi to her....
by Luke Foster Frodo October 26, 2010
Short for Foster's Home for Imaginary friends. When kids get too old they don't need imaginary friends anymore so they stay at Foster's until they get adopted by another child (presumably with no imagination of their own).
Foster herself is a little old lady who still has her imaginary bunny friend.
Mr. Unicorn, we regret to inform you little Stacy is dead, so you'll be staying at Foster's from now on.
by unicorny July 30, 2006
The worst of all beers.
Fosters??? I'd rather suck warm kangaroo piss out of a muddy hole...
by b1ackie June 29, 2013
In regard to video games, to shoot an opposing player in either the crotch or ass. Also referred to as "Buttering" as in the episode of South Park where Butters shoots everyone in the crotch.
Guy 1: "Dude, you totally just shot him in the dick!"

Guy 2: "FOSTERED!"
by Arkem3 June 25, 2011
no parents / orphan
foster: people with no parents

parents dont want the kids

kids live with their grandparents
by donthavetoknowme1 June 10, 2011
A incredibly hot, damn fine piece of ass.
"man that leya is a total foster!"

"did you see that foster, Id love to hit that."

by L.E April 08, 2007
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