Along with being skilled in the art of inebriation he will also possess powers of sleeping in the same beds as females but without producing the expected sexual conquest.
"Dude, that hoe you were with last night was dope!!!! You take her home and fuck her in the ass?"

"Nah, we just slept in the same bed and talked about Pokemon."

"You Fostered again man"

by Leslie Jamieson November 05, 2006
AKA skippys piss.Cheep lager that is a triumph of marketing over taste like so many;eg stella(worse than),carling(better than)heineken(same page)
fosters ? what else have you got?
by toymi69 May 29, 2008
A word becoming well known as a safe word during sex in BSDM.
daz says "if this is too rough just say fosters"
daz says "didn't quite hear what you said there, oh well"
by hopskotch September 12, 2006
Australian for piss water
i was so thirsty i almost drank a whole 32 oz. can of foster's
by FreQuent FlYer MylEs May 03, 2004
to drunkenly steal other people's items of clothes with the express purpose of sleeping in these items of clothes, most commonly only in those items of clothes. ie otherwise nude.

this activity normally takes place in a nightclub/bar late at night, but not exclusively. Certain people are prepared fosterers.
dude, look at her hat, its gnarly. i am totally going to foster in that tonight.
by dom spotley January 16, 2012
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