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Adjective. Older than old school. Describing some experience, action, or word to which someone under sixty years-old would not likely have been exposed or no longer has relevence.
Fossil move dude - who let you out of your tar pit?. How fossil! Mondo fossil. Way fossil.
by Richard "Fossil" Wood April 24, 2008
Any temporary indent left on your skin.
You can get a fossil on your skin from any activity that entails pressure on your skin for a lengthy period of time. For example, when sitting with legs crossed with your hand behind you supporting your weight, after approximately 10 minutes, your palm of your hand will probably be fossilized.
by kitha August 06, 2009
Specimen left by the infamous "spooge-asaurus". Discovered by the unfortunate girl who hooked up with the spooge-asaurus. A crusty, white stain left on a bed sheet. Often a mortified girl will holler for a rooommate to confirm her worst suspicions, and immediately launder the soiled sheets.
"OMG Jeny is this what I think it is?"

(roommate proceeds to poke at the fossil with her toe)

"Yes, michelle, it is. Dave left a fossil. Damn spooge-asaurus"
by mac n fode August 09, 2006
a fossil is when a peice of pot/weed/tobaco becomes lodged between the roach and paper of a spliff which can offten lead to a hole in the paper making it less air tight and harder to toke
bob: damn i got a fossil in my roach!
bill: well dont dig it out, you'll trash the spliff.
by djadenosine March 10, 2007
(noun) An out-of-date opinion
"Bush always knew what he's doing."
"Oh man, that's the shittiest fossil I've ever heard!"
by JoshDC August 13, 2005
1. A rare inbred child whos passtimes are digging for fossils and playing soccer
Fossils is hardcore
by Anonymos March 07, 2003
1) One really cool guy whom made fun of 401.
2) A dude who knows his PS!
3) a mad h4x0r in Cs:S
Fossil : Guys Next Week Epsoide 3 !!! YAY! w00t w00t!
by 401 March 31, 2005