FOSSIL is a standard for allowing serial communication for telecommunications programs under DOS. FOSSIL stands for Fido Opus Seadog Standard Interface Layer and was made by a group of Fidonet sysops to allow software work on different machines.

I installed a new FOSSIL driver for my BBS!
by Homer P. Simpson September 01, 2006
Top Definition
A brand that is mainly known for their high quality, but cheap about $60-80 watches.
"I just got this awesome new Fossil watch."
by Masta March 12, 2005
1. an old-fashioned person

2. an elderly person
Why do I have to listen to this old fossil?
by Light Joker July 13, 2005
A person, typically a no life, college-aged, high school graduated degenerate, who regularly attends high school parties hosted by those who are still in high school.
High School student 1 - Why is John at this party? Didn't he graduate from high school in 2007?

High School student 2 - He did graduate in '07. Man what a fossil.
by SLK Creighton February 01, 2011
Out-of-date, old, conservative, becoming exhausted or used up. Generally an old timer with no future.

Taken from "fossil fuels" it can refer to someone or something that is generally hurting young people or future generations.
"Man, that politician is such as fossil!!"

"Yeah, he actually owns an oil company..."
by Lifeguard007 March 29, 2014
Old person with wrinkly parts. See also calcium.
Damn, yo momma is h0t for a fossil!
by hash July 24, 2003
When you're the opposite of high, or you're pretending to not be high, but really, you are.
It started as a popular term for teenagers by teenagers, but was later adopted by the marijuana users of older generations.(Try to figure that out when you're ripped out of your skull)
-In England--Two gentlemen wearing silk robes, real fur slippers, sitting on two leather chairs, beside a roaring fireplace with whiskey in one hand, and someone (possibly) has a bong begin to speak-
Huxtable:"My word, Albanius, is it unreasonable to suggest that our names are rather peculiar and contain some elements of "bad-assery"?
Albanius Abbot: "I highly disagree, Huxtable. Our names seem quite ordinary in my opinion. Are you perhaps "stoned" oh kind sir?
Huxtable:"Quite the opposite. I am a fossil".

(Next Situation)
-A police man pulls over a beautiful woman, and they are both out of the car-
P.O.: excuse me ma'am, are you under the influence of marijuana"?
Woman: Why no officer, i 'm a fossil
P.O.: Are you sure ma'am, because you smell like it
Woman: Well then, I guess we're going to have to take these clothes off. Together.
(Bow Chicka Wow Wow. Best. Sex . Ever)
by yhzgo May 06, 2012
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