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The new word for "cool". It used to be "sick, tight, awesome, rad, ill, chill, and sweet". Now it's fosse.

~as made popular by Candyland~
1. That guys tricked out Escalade is pretty fosse.

2. That old Toyota Camry with the broken window is NOT fosse.
by CandylandDjs October 19, 2012
n. (faussee) 1.a famous dance corriographer known for his uber-gay moves.

adj. (faussee) 2. extravogant, unnecessary, overboard.
3. gay.
Drew is watching his lover stephan prance around the apartment and says,"ooh stephan! you are SO Fosse right now."
by winksie April 13, 2008
An incompetent, vindictive, micromanaging boss.
I can't stand working for that asshole. He's such a Fosse!
by Wiseman July 10, 2006

deriving from "fugly":

Fucking Awesome - fossum can also be used.
"Wow, that movie was fosse."
by Majooka August 02, 2005
A person who indulges in Same Sex Relations, sexual and batty rider. Someone who is gay.
Richard Simmons
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
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