a band which originate from texas
they have a panic at the disco style of song writing and playing
rock with a slight techno feel
scene kid 1: omg dont you just love the brittany from forever the sickest kids
chav: what the hell
scene kid 2: your a gangsta
chav: nope im a chav and forever the sickest must be great if i like t. pain
by poppyimo May 18, 2008
Top Definition
Forever The Sickest Kids is a band that orginated in Texas. The members include:

Jonathan Cook: Vocals
Caleb Turman: Vocals/Guitar
Austin Bello: Vocals/Bass
Marc Stewart: Guitar
Kent Garrison: Keyboard
Kyle Burns: Drummer

They are a Rock/Powerpop band, formed in 2007. They have one album released so far, Underdog Alma Mater, and one ep Telivision Off, Party On.
True Forever The Sickest Kids lover: No syke!

Poser Forever The Sickest Kids lover: lyk 0mg, what's that?
by Rachael Babel July 24, 2008
Also known as "FTSK"
An extremely hot band of guys in the ages between 20-29. They seem to attract scene kids and also pathetic tween girls who like them just because their "Idol" Selena Gomez likes them.
They originate from Texas, but do not have a southern accent for reasons not known...
Some tweens even call them "Forever the Sexiest Kids"

In other words... their music rocks.
Loser: what R you listening to?

Cool: Forever the Sickest Kids.

Loser: Who?

Cool: Only the coolest band alive. Sheesh.
by AwesomenessMonster July 20, 2009
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