The mini-Detroit of Calgary in the Northwest. AKA - the ghetto.
Person 1 - "Dude last night I went to this party in Forest Lawn"

Person 2 - "How many?"

Person 1 - "How many what?"

Person 2 - "How many casualties?"

Person 1 - "Oh.. 3, no biggie."
by Wakka July 29, 2006
Top Definition
Mini-Detroit/Bronx in the Southeast* of Calgary,Canada

-If you grew up there, you can live most anywhere and not be scared

* another post stated that it was in the northeast which was incorrect
Dude 1- that guy next door was raped and murdered with a butcher knive!

Dude 2- ....yeah so?

Dude 1- Woah you must have grown up in Forest Lawn
by Norway_Babe666 October 07, 2006
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