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an excellant movie...need i say more?
Life is like a box of chocolates...
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 12, 2003
A misspelling of Forrest Gump
OMG I sah teh Forest Gump las weeknd!!1
by fzh October 18, 2004
A person who has experienced many adventures and/or is talented at many things; just like Forest Gump.
Last weekend we went to Berkeley, smoked with a hobo, threw a cup of pee out the window, got pulled over by the cops, got a random girl to show us her boobs...we were Forest Gumpin so hard
by Balad February 17, 2010
In its verb form it means to successfully complete a task or chain of events through amazing fluke rather than skill or ability.
In the film 'The Mexican' Julia Roberts can be heard saying to Brad Pitt:

"You've managed to Forest Gump your way through this!"
by paul raine May 05, 2004
A person who has no credibility
Yesterday I went to China and Mexico.
by xsilentgabyx January 10, 2004
a girl if giving you a blowjob and your cock gets stuck in ur braces; she runs away and you break free.
Jill is giving a blowjob to Jay, when his cock gets caught on her braces. Jill runs away from Jay in fear, and Jay's cock breaks free from her mouth, aka. a Forest Gump

by Skater Dude August 20, 2006
Rhyming slang for a "dump" ie. a shite
"where is the paper, im off for a forest gump"
by bob geldoff August 04, 2004