A girl that has great appreciation for nature and especially the forest. She often seen in the forest exploring, collecting, examining, or just taking in the beauty.

Her personality is usually caring, quiet, friendly, curious, observative, and humble.

She usually dresses in earthy tones. Not many wear jewelry, but if they do, it's from the earth. It is common to see them with super long hair. Their hair length is mostly seen exceeding up to their waist. They don't curl or straighten their hair. It is worn natural.

(SIDENOTE: Do not confuse them with hippies. These delicate girls do not like being associated with hippies. There is a difference. I advise you never bring up "hippie" in a conversation when talking to them.)
"Did you see that girl when we where walking on that path in the forest? She had really long hair and has sitting on the tree that had fallen."

"Yeah. That was a Forest Girl."
by forest green February 26, 2014
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you know you see a forest girl when:

-her hair is all nappy and uncombed and shit.

-she dresses like her mum picked out her clothes from limited too or some shit like that.

overall, they're just nasty girls that look like they could live in a forest like savages.
lol ew, look @ dat forest girl over thur.
by trolololooolololll April 19, 2011

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