A person that comes to North America that isn't white. That means the people that come here from europe are often pretty clean cut and act just like us when they loose the accent.

The true forigners are the ones from the far east. They don't dress like us, smell pretty like us, watch the same sports as us or like the same music as us. Some of the ones that go on to university and later to take jobs away from us the white people make a sad attempt to pretend they have intrest in North American culture but it is just so they can network and make open minded liberals think that they are just as american as anyone else. Then they have lame politically correct dinner partys with liberals where they share their cultural experiences and eventually there is a huge movement to give them extra holidays for their own cults and religions and to legalize women beating because it is part of the arabs herritage back in the old country.

Americans are White people, black people, hispanic folks and the natives and the rest don't fit in.

Some foreigners are nice people but their presence is turning this once bad ass land of the free into a sensitive pussy nation and it would be better if they would stop creeping up.
I can't stand it when foreigners date beautiful white women because then her children will turn out to be a bunch of foreign mutts that smell like fried ethnic food.

I can't stand how we have to be politically correct with foreigners. Why can't everone find peace in their own country instead of tainting our beautiful genepools. I don't want to move to Iran and take their jobs away from the locals.

I would rather make love to a cactus then with someone that isn't white. If any of my kids ever dated a foreigner, i'd kick them the fuck out.
by Cliff Brown October 28, 2006
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