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1) A term that can apply to anyone, particularly Americans, who are intimidated and/or resentful at the fact that other entertaining movies do in fact exist outside their country and are of a different language. This "resentment" is more of a type of 'refusal' to accept the fact that there is talent and originality by other movie industry's and directors outside of the country they live in.

2) Generally applies to Americans who are too lazy too watch a Foreign Film because it involves reading and/or they feel that any movie that is NOT in English could never possibly be worth their time nor live up to the greatness that they feel Hollywood is; therefore causing Hollywood to capitalize off Foreign films by remaking them into “American versions” for the “Typical” beer-drinking, loud, impatient, low attention-span, American.
Claude: “Wow, I saw this movie the other day where this woman is blackmailed and then imprisoned for like 13 years. But then she comes back for vengeance against the dude her set her up.”

David: “Oh really, that sounds interesting. I wanna see it. Who’s in it?”

Claude: “A great Korean actress, but you probably won’t know who she is.”

David: “Oh…wait, is the movie in English?”

Claude: “No, actually it’s a Korean movie. I remember you said you like all movies, especially good movies, so I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one.”

David: “Well, if it ain’t in English I ain’t watchin it! Anyway man, you’re a French dude; why would you watch a Korean movie?”

Claude: “Man, a good movie IS STILL a good movie no matter where it’s from.”

David: “Well….I’d rather enjoy what I’m watching, rather than reading it.”

Claude: “Aww man, you’ve got Foreign Film Phobia. That’s too bad. Well, never fear, Hollywood is making the watered down American version for your pampered ass.”
by Black Brotha for Humanity January 10, 2010
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