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1. To intentionally kiss a woman’s breast. More precisely when it is done in a picture.
Did you see her gotting totaly forded at the party last night

He was definitly fording her last night
by The whole IB class of 2013 February 23, 2011
15 1
When an older man flirts with a younger girl and gets no where.

Common example when a senior flirts with a freshmen and gets rejected. (In High school)
Hey Mitch is johnny fording again?

Yup that man is never gonna get laid
by Goatsmilk November 11, 2009
2 5
the act of being sick
Fording - Last night I forded all over myself while wallowing on the toilet floor of the bar, unable to pick myself up.
by Dhabi1 November 10, 2011
1 5