Fuckin off road destroyer
"If it weren't for chevys our tools would be rust"
by skimaster21 December 26, 2002
The antithesis of all things unrealiable
Man, my Chubby broke down on me again. I sure wish It was Ford.
by broncoman October 10, 2002
Car company whose best selling sports car drove GMs beloved Camaro into the ground
Don't attempt an insulting definition if you can't spell, it just doesn't work
ex. "dall" "ure" "Fag Opens Rear Daily" "for one real drive, the usualy runs into mechanicle problems on next drive" "always found sucking my tail pipe you will allways find the anal retundent gays somewhere in your rearveiw" "Hyundai for eva Rednecks" "Frequently overrated dump"
These words and phrases don't even make sense half of the time, show some respect, learn how to spell and get a life, idiots.
by Fuck yo couch April 02, 2004
First On Race Day, totally owns Holdens
Holden - Holes Oil Leaks Dents Engine Noise
This year Ford have won 7 championship rounds in a row in the V8 Supercar Series.
by Jas (FORDS RULE!!) September 26, 2003
The best car company in the world. Outsells others and produces elite vehicles. Get a Ford or STFU.
You know fords are better then your Geos.
by ImportsSuck February 02, 2003
"Nascar Winston Cup.... Ford had 7 cars in the top 10 in the 2002 points championship"

whoever wrote that is a sack of shit, every single winston cup car has a CHEVY 350, eat ass.
by bald poon patrol June 29, 2003
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