The best car company in the world. Outsells others and produces elite vehicles. Get a Ford or STFU.
You know fords are better then your Geos.
by ImportsSuck February 02, 2003
Fuckin' Off Road Machine (acronym)
by Nick Skourtis May 26, 2003
"Nascar Winston Cup.... Ford had 7 cars in the top 10 in the 2002 points championship"

whoever wrote that is a sack of shit, every single winston cup car has a CHEVY 350, eat ass.
by bald poon patrol June 29, 2003
I'd rather drive a Ford than push a Chevy.
GM=Generic Motors
Chevy=Driven by people who can't spell Chevrolet.
Dodge=as in "Let's play Dodgeball, or Smear the queer".
Toyota=One-half toy.
Nissan=Pisson Nissan
Lexus=Not in Texas(also a pornstar name)
BMW=Bite my weiner
Mercedes=a pornstar name.
Cooper Mini=Not for meni.
VW=Fart fair nougat?
Mazda=Shoulda nuked 'em.
Honda=Good lawnmowers!
Subaru=Filing a Lawsuit against Mr. Baru
Hyundai=Wouldn't let my cousin test drive on the expressway.
Kia=another pornstar name.Kia, wouldn't wanna be ya!
Isuzu!=Bless you.Kleenex?

by aereilly July 30, 2003
A company that, like GM, used to build shit cars... but they have improved a lot recently. It has always built decent trucks, though. Chevy always seems to be one step ahead, though, because GM has more money, and a larger infrastructure, than most modern countries.
My dad's old Colony Park wagon, which was built by Ford, was a piece of shit. However, my mother's new Taurus is a pretty good car.

Ford is going to get rid of the Taurus, and replace it with a re-badge Mazda 6 variant called the "Ford Futura"? What the fuck is that shit? Why don't they just re-name the Crown Victoria the "Ford Galaxie", or re-badge a Mazda Protege and call it the "Ford Falcon"?
by 5th Column May 10, 2003

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