A piece of shit car
Hi, my Ford just broke down. Can you give me a lift in your Holden?
by Holden rocks September 12, 2003
Filthy, onerous, really disgusting.

Foolish owners risk death.

Fuck off, Ranger Dave.

Ford owner resembles dick.
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
Found on road dead.
by lola October 09, 2002
A brand of car and truck that sometimes makes some legit cars. Most of the time they are POS. But so are all American car companies.

Drive a Ford, you drive the best, drive the first mile and walk the rest.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, If it weren't for Fords, our tools would rust.
"Oh Jimmy just bought his new Ford f150 and had to get his transmission replaced. Darn my Chevy 1500 had to get it's tranny replaced. How can those damn union workers sleep at night?"

Ironically the author drives an American car.
by American car driver April 04, 2010
a truck you can buy when you are towing a large trailer or a big boat
person 1: dodge cries when its pulling a 10000 boat
person 2: my ford doesnt. i can tow like 3 times that and it still wont cry
by ant-tony October 28, 2009
A car,truck that is only good for changing the letters around to make "DORF"
Stupid Ford Driver 1:DUDE!GUESS WHAT DUDE!
Stupid Ford Driver 2:Dude,what dude?
Stupid Ford Driver 1:I changed the lettering around on my 1972 Ford Ranchero and now it says "DORF"!
Stupid Ford Driver 2:DUDE!SWEET DUDE!
by EvilPandaDog December 19, 2008
The best way to cross the river.
Jeff lost 14 Oxen and 34 sets of clothing trying to ford the river...and he got Typhoid.
by David Cline June 12, 2008

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