did you see that ford lol , some hoodlums dropped it onto the struts and made off with the tires and rims.
by AP October 04, 2004
found on road dead relly
what is that on the side of the road oh! a ford
by non September 02, 2004
Piece of shit make of car
Only good for making fun of but not worth the effort
Beaten by HOLDEN in Bathurst numerous times (of course!)
Fucked On Race Day

Rather push a HOLDEN then drive a ford

On the 7th day god created ford, on the 8th he traded it in for a HOLDEN
by Christina August 31, 2004
Found On Rubbish Dump
Fixed Or Repaired Daily
Failed On Race Day

A Dangerous Piece of Potential Destruction.
"On the 8th Day, God created Ford to keep the Dickheads outta Holdens!"
"I'd rather push my Holden then drive a Ford"
by Jim Fooge June 07, 2004
Far Out Retarded Dildo.
For Other Reasons, Dad.
Fuck Often Ricers' Dicks.
Funk Or Rap, Dude?
Do you drive a Far Out Retarded Dildo or a Crappy Ass Dildo Interior Loves Licking A Cock?
by Rake Yohn 1986 March 10, 2004
Ford is a smart auto maker they circled the problem....It was the stupid costumer fault for buying the damn thing
I cant figure out what is wrong with my ford?? They must have circled the problem
by Buck Restad January 20, 2004
Fuckin Over Rated Disaster
the only good ford is a junkyard one
by Mike January 12, 2004
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