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Far Out Retarded Dildo.
For Other Reasons, Dad.
Fuck Often Ricers' Dicks.
Funk Or Rap, Dude?
Do you drive a Far Out Retarded Dildo or a Crappy Ass Dildo Interior Loves Licking A Cock?
by Rake Yohn 1986 March 10, 2004
Ford is a smart auto maker they circled the problem....It was the stupid costumer fault for buying the damn thing
I cant figure out what is wrong with my ford?? They must have circled the problem
by Buck Restad January 20, 2004
Fuckin Over Rated Disaster
the only good ford is a junkyard one
by Mike January 12, 2004
Fucken Old Rebuilt Dodge
Instead of buying a Dodge, I think I will buy a Ford.
by Lenny Kinger December 30, 2003
1) worst of worst
2) mediocre

When used in conjunction with the word car (1) applies; when used in conjuction with the word truck (2) applies
Known acronyms:

Fix Or Repair Daily
Fucked Old Rebuilt Dodge
Forty-third On Race Day

even backwards ...
Driver Returns On Foot
by Hicksey December 19, 2003
F.ucking O.ver R.ated D.isaster
Nice Ford, chonchetta
by Todd McCock October 05, 2003
F ourways
O n
R oadside
D ead
That damn Ford Only Runs Downhill
by Josh September 24, 2003