Ford is a smart auto maker they circled the problem....It was the stupid costumer fault for buying the damn thing
I cant figure out what is wrong with my ford?? They must have circled the problem
by Buck Restad January 20, 2004
Fuckin Over Rated Disaster
the only good ford is a junkyard one
by Mike January 12, 2004
Fucken Old Rebuilt Dodge
Instead of buying a Dodge, I think I will buy a Ford.
by Lenny Kinger December 30, 2003
1) worst of worst
2) mediocre

When used in conjunction with the word car (1) applies; when used in conjuction with the word truck (2) applies
Known acronyms:

Fix Or Repair Daily
Fucked Old Rebuilt Dodge
Forty-third On Race Day

even backwards ...
Driver Returns On Foot
by Hicksey December 19, 2003
F ourways
O n
R oadside
D ead
That damn Ford Only Runs Downhill
by Josh September 24, 2003
A piece of shit car
Hi, my Ford just broke down. Can you give me a lift in your Holden?
by Holden rocks September 12, 2003
Filthy, onerous, really disgusting.

Foolish owners risk death.

Fuck off, Ranger Dave.

Ford owner resembles dick.
by Anonymous May 23, 2003

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