I would appreciate it if you changed the way your site works. It needs to be arrange so that you approve of the definitions before they get posted on your site. Please do this because kids in my high school have been abusing the way this site works and have been making fun of kids. It is giving them bad reputations at school and making everyone think bad things about them that is not true,and most of it encourages sexual things. I know this because it happened to me. Just please change this site so that you approve it or somehow make it so that people will not keep using this site to anonymously make fun of kids who did nothing to them.
by Concerned March 14, 2003
Top Definition
grow up lamers, this is not a definition
"concerned" has chosen to abuse the system, and use this as a message board, shame on him
by Liquid April 19, 2003
I just found this site today. While I have enjoyed it immensely, I know exactly what "Concerned" is talking about. But please, I can see you getting rid of proper names and all, but don't change the format. This is some damn funny stuff!
?????? is a fag. (insert Name)
Can you imagine what a bunch of school kids can do with that?
by Not a democrat! March 14, 2003
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