(V.) explitive substitute for the marring of certain occurences or solid beings, a tragic emergency invoking great distress.
What The Fooz?
That shit is foozed up son!!
Quit Fooz'in my girlfriend
I will Fooz you up,
Thats a Foozin big ass erection Adam has as he tries to fooz Alison
by Loquacious B March 24, 2003
Top Definition
Bad, slutty, or ratchet, typically anything negative.
Mark: Dang, Carl that chicks fooz.
Carl: Yeah man she's bad she was twerking on me earlier, and I saw her with four other guys. She's pretty ratchet.
by PussySlayer69696969 November 25, 2013
fully, for sure.
Q: You been token them bongs man?
A: Fooz my nigga
by twangos flaming budds July 21, 2003

Basically meaning "I refuse"
mum "Do your homework" Kid "Fooz!"
by LordWoffleII June 24, 2005
Descriptor for sian rice rocket. More broadly - descriptor for vehicle of any country origin modified in similar fashion.
His car was all foozed up.
by junbug April 29, 2006
you are a stupid idiot who doesnt ammount to anything.
homsar u fooz!
by mike April 03, 2003
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