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(V.) explitive substitute for the marring of certain occurences or solid beings, a tragic emergency invoking great distress.
What The Fooz?
That shit is foozed up son!!
Quit Fooz'in my girlfriend
I will Fooz you up,
Thats a Foozin big ass erection Adam has as he tries to fooz Alison
by Loquacious B March 24, 2003
8 5
Bad, slutty, or ratchet, typically anything negative.
Mark: Dang, Carl that chicks fooz.
Carl: Yeah man she's bad she was twerking on me earlier, and I saw her with four other guys. She's pretty ratchet.
by PussySlayer69696969 November 25, 2013
3 0
fully, for sure.
Q: You been token them bongs man?
A: Fooz my nigga
by twangos flaming budds July 21, 2003
7 7

Basically meaning "I refuse"
mum "Do your homework" Kid "Fooz!"
by LordWoffleII June 24, 2005
4 9
Descriptor for sian rice rocket. More broadly - descriptor for vehicle of any country origin modified in similar fashion.
His car was all foozed up.
by junbug April 29, 2006
2 8
you are a stupid idiot who doesnt ammount to anything.
homsar u fooz!
by mike April 03, 2003
1 16