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Scottish Slang for

"How you doing?"
"What's up?"
"How's life treating you?"

"Foos yer Doos, i'day?"

translation: "How you doing, today?"
by Midgemus June 07, 2009

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This is a doric phrase that comes from people who keep racing pigeons. The phrase means "Hows your pigeons?" the normal reply would be "Aye peckin aye peckin" which means "Always pecking, always pecking".
"Fit like mannie, foos yer doos?"
by bobo_phd February 18, 2009
In legible English this means hows your trainers. A Keith term derived by lads who obviously have an obsession with other peoples shoes.
"Foos yer Doos Min!"
by Doogie Broon March 05, 2008