A mythical character in the Foo Races series of Jazz 2 levels based on the Hocus Pocus wizard character.
Not applicable.
by Trafton September 11, 2003
Top Definition
A fictional wizard based on a sprite from the game Hocus Pocus. He has featured in many movies, starring in many of them. In movies by director Salamander, he is played by a porn star. His favourite spell is KILLER.
Fooruman was walking around when he saw Spotty. He cast KILLER on Spotty. Fooruman was happy. Spotty was sad.
by n00b and Stickman May 09, 2006
A somewhat mental wizard from Foo Races.
Fooruman wanted to use the 'killer' foo spell.
by Black Ninja September 11, 2003
The seemingly idiotic wizard that casts Foo Spells. More information on Fooruman can be found at www.fooproducts.com.
See Fooruman. See Fooruman run. Run, Fooruman, run! Fooruman runs fast.
by Foo Products team November 12, 2003
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