Food porn. Pictures of delicious, mouthwatering food. Often seen in advertisements for aforementioned food, although the "model foods" in the ads are usually not real food. D:
Guy 1: Oh man, look at the burger in that photograph!

Guy 2: It looks good enough to eat.

Guy 3: Yeah, it's just part of my foorn collection.
by Pheebles June 21, 2010
Top Definition
Food so damn good that its the same as porn. When looking at or eating the food, one cannot help let out small noises of ecstasy and to slightly sweat.
Steph 'Hey Philipp check out that youtube video of Chivitos'

Philipp ' Oh my god steph that is total Foorn .. I almost have a boner'
by helgahubs September 25, 2014

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