a shortened version of the verb facebook, i.e. to use the website facebook esp. in western North America
You don't know who she is? Just go fook her. Her Profile picture explains it all.
by filthygeorgeous December 13, 2007
fuck in a kind fashion
Im going to "fooking" kill you!

Lets go Fook.

by AlissaGraham December 01, 2007
An abbreviation of the word Facebook, a popular online community.
I was supposed to finish my essay last night, but instead I wasted time on Fook.
by lizzel August 16, 2007
Most known as a replacement for the term fuck, the exact origin of Fook is unclear, but appears to have roots in Irish culture. Fook is a word commonly used among the Juggalo community of southern Maine and surrounding regions. Fook ranges from an exclamation, an insult, or an adjective.
Fook off!

Fook you!

Fook yeah!

What the fook?
by Nova February 25, 2005
The honker or canadian verion of the word fuck.
He Pierre it's really cold as fook in this hockey rink eh?
Fook this I'm aboot to leave.
by Psychobillypimpstyle January 27, 2003
Same as Fuck, but a cleaner version.

Invented by reza
Hey what the fook happened?
by Smooth November 20, 2002
A female mook. Usually a girl that drinks and is in a sorority. Also can be in reference to a combination of a feeb+mook = fook.
Girl: I'm gonna get so wasted tonight! WOOOOOOOOOO!
Me: Stupid fook.
by alex November 30, 2006

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