Fook is the shortened form of the world's most popular social networking site, Facebook. For those who don't like using unnecessar syllables, Fook is a much simpler way of referring to the website. Can be used as a noun or verb, depending on the situation.
Erik: What did you end up doing last night?
Zack: Not much, just Fooked that new guy in our bio class for a couple hours and that twelve year old down the street.
Erik: Sweet dude! I love Fooking strangers!

Mom: What are you doing in there?
Zack: Fooking!
by pands4life January 08, 2011
A fat gook. AKA: a fat asain.
Hey man check out the fook across the street.
by The Janator October 17, 2010
Fuck. (noun, verb)

Originated in a largely multicultural college from a student with a thick French accent in 1990. When asked to pronounce "motherfucker" it was pronounced "mooth-air fook-air."

Stemming from this:

Fooktard (fucking retard)

Also a way of replacing the word "fuck" on systems monitored for obscenities.
Rudy: "We need to go to the nightclub NOW. The girls should be there."

Bill: "Listen here, fook, I'll go when I'm ready to go."


Rudy: "Looks like you really fooked it up this time."
by zippiedoodah October 06, 2010
Incessantly updating a Facebook status.
A person who is focused on updating Facebook is said to be a fook.
by PsychologicalNinja August 16, 2009
"Verb" meaning to pass a message to somebody on Facebook.
'I will fook you the party details later'
'She fook me yesterday,
by ruloverin March 16, 2009
it's when you wanna do someone reaaaallly hard!!!
Even if yar drunk!! >8D
1.- Magikjelibean says (19:40):
shall i time skip or shud they fook?

2.- 'F*ck biotch, i wanna fook you so bad, Mah erection is pulsating like a mofucka it is!... yo..'

3.- 'man, He fooked me so hard last night, i still can't sit, AND BOY OH BOY! he donkey punched me too... it was a greater sensation of the fookness... <3

by Jeli and Saigie May 29, 2008
Same meaning as fuck, but not considered a curse word. Also related to Feez.
That fooking guy just stole my car!
by Mista Wong March 23, 2008

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