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another way of saying "fuck"
favoured by us in the midlands/north england
fook you, you southern bastard!
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
A variation of the word "Fuck", favoured primarily by male First Nations people living in large urban centres in central and western Canada. Often, the word is paired with a limp 'raising of both arms' in a helpless manner, so as to further demonstrate the mild frustration of the speaker.
*The parking spot Jim has found in which he wants to parallel park his pickup truck is too small. After exiting the vehicle and examining the situation* "Fook"

*Eric gets demoted in CoD* "Fook"

*Marty fails his AP Chemistry test* "Fook"
by NantooKK December 27, 2010
To f'ook is to leave a Facebook message on someone's Facebook Profile Wall.

To f'ook someone is to Facebook them (abbreviation), but cheekily suggests you also did something different to them, although you can stand to correct the person if they question what you said.
I f'ooked Sarah last night.. still waiting for her to get back to me though.

I'll f'ook ya later when I get a spare minute ok?
by Highonsnow August 03, 2010
safe way to say fuck
that was fooking awesome, man.

i just wanna fook that girl so hard tonite.
by cooperfus97 November 07, 2009
Same meaning as fuck, but not considered a curse word. Also related to Feez.
That fooking guy just stole my car!
by Mista Wong March 23, 2008
A fat gook. AKA: a fat asain.
Hey man check out the fook across the street.
by The Janator October 17, 2010
Fuck. (noun, verb)

Originated in a largely multicultural college from a student with a thick French accent in 1990. When asked to pronounce "motherfucker" it was pronounced "mooth-air fook-air."

Stemming from this:

Fooktard (fucking retard)

Also a way of replacing the word "fuck" on systems monitored for obscenities.
Rudy: "We need to go to the nightclub NOW. The girls should be there."

Bill: "Listen here, fook, I'll go when I'm ready to go."


Rudy: "Looks like you really fooked it up this time."
by zippiedoodah October 06, 2010