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A word that can be used to replace a word or a part of a word, as many times as you want, just for fun and to confuse unknowing listeners. Redundancy is encouraged.
Oh my fooj!

Look at that fooj... What a fooj!

Call of Fooj: Modern Foojfare Fooj

What the Fooj!

Don't cry over spilt fooj.

Stop, Drop, and Fooj!

Have your fooj and eat it too!

Drastic foojes call for drastic foojes.

The Fooj Fighters.
by Infamous Salami Truck February 21, 2010

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Short for "Fujiama", an derivative and acronym of "Fuck U Jack I'm Alright Mate"

A phrase used to epitomize arrogance and selfishness, with total disregard towards others.
Coming back from the bar/coffee shop etc with something for yourself and nothing for anyone else, the injured party can say "Oh Fujiama is it?"

Similarly the short form of Fooj can be used "Well if it isn't Old Fooj Wilson"
by ShankTown May 10, 2010