Etymology: Polite/flippant alternative to "fuck", perhaps a contraction of "foo" and "fanagle".

(transitive verb)
1: to casually or passively experiment with something, especially something that is complex and which usually requires an intimate working knowledge.
2: to examine or assess something by brute-force or random testing.

(intransitive verb)
1: to study irrelevant things at an inappropriate time.
2: to futz
"I'm foogling with this car engine."

"He never gets any work done, as he spends all his time foogling around on his computer."
by algo October 15, 2003
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1) To ask a friend on chat/email/im (media which by their very nature mean that one is on the internet) a question that could be google'd or wikipedia'd in less time than it takes to ask.
Instead of using google maps like a normal person, Kerry foogled Kelly on gchat asking for directions.

Matt (through IM): Jake, can you tell me Tom Gugliotta's stats in 1997?

Jake: Matt! Don't foogle me!
by Daryl the Janitor March 02, 2009
to fool around on Google. The act of foogling. Online rambling for information.

(My sister was complaining of leg pain and said that she was going to Google the symptoms after I told her to go to the doctor. I told her not to foogle, just GO. It was actually a misspelling but I thought the word worked really well for what I felt she was doing.)
Judy would rather foogle than watch TV.

Instead of going to the doctor for a diagnosis, she spent the day foogling.
by Lil-sis November 23, 2013
Fucking google
"I swear dude,it's a fact.Just foogle it if you don't believe me"
by FalconX November 11, 2013
(noun) a person who relies on google for any task that requires any type of thinking or work; "fool for google"
girl1: Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to come work on that project with me at the library.
girl2: Are you talking about that research project?
girl1: Yea...
girl2: Girl, I'm just going to google it.
girl1: You are such a foogle...
by #1foogle April 09, 2010
A word that can be used to replace other words, sort of like fuck. Can be used as a noun, adjective, or part of a word.
What a dumb foogle.
Look at the way he foogles her.
That man looks foogle-dead.
by Marco February 07, 2005
Fucking around on google.
I want to learn more about nothing so I think I'll go home and foogle for a bit.
by Devin croun September 27, 2010

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